We Offer:

Massage Therapy • Reiki • Chakra Balancing • Guided Meditation • IET Energy Healing • Nutritionist/Nutritional Guidance • Essential Oil Therapy • Energy Therapy.

Classes - Reiki, Spiritual Growth, Essential Oil Classes, Nutrition Workshops, Chakra Classes, etc.

Leesburg’s Best Kept Secret  Mind Body and Soul Healing Center  Healing the World One Person at a Time.

Neuromuscular therapy, myofascial and Swedish massage may all be required during one session. As skilled therapists, we incorporate these techniques appropriately.

Energy healing strengthens and balances as it melds with your body’s own energy source. We use Reiki or Chakra Balancing, and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), all of which are a powerful healing modalities.

Our services are offered at a rate of $50 for 30 minutes, $95 for 1 hour, and $135 for 90 minutes.

The only place in the community you can feel relaxed and nurtured by gifted healers. This unique Healing Center started as a one woman massage therapy business in 2004 and has elevated into a destination that offers balance, health, and education with 7 different therapists and teachers. Mind Body and Soul Healing Center provides you with the resources and care to reduce stress, heal imbalances, and live in the moment – a nirvana we should all strive for. Our Healing Center is comprised of talented, nurturing women offering alternative healing and preventative health care – two very valuable tools in today’s world of poor nutrition, spiritual imbalance, and high stress. While western medicine holds a tremendously important role in addressing our physical ailments, alternative healing completes the process by bringing balance to our mind body and soul. You will begin to become reacquainted with all levels of your being and learn how to heal yourself. The décor of the Center is done in a Feng Shui Style, offering a warm and inviting environment for all who enter.